a letter

per la serie -ma quanto so’ scemo che scemo che sono-: visto il link -contact us- sul sito mi son detto: mo scrivo; c’ho messo du’ giorni e poi ho scoperto che il campo -state- prevede solo gli usa, noi foregni per il momento siamo fuori; ecco il testo:

Honour to Mister President Obama, to the First Lady, to all persons of the White House, to All of You the People of the United States

I’m so glad for this unbelievable oppurtunity: send a message to the circle of the Commander in Chief in USA, the greatest and strongest nation in the world -an incredible chance for whom has something to say, and I have a lot, but I’ll restrict to twice trying to annoy at minimum and I hope excuse my horrible spaghetti english…

First of all I wish to describe the echo of deep positive change thus far arrived, the sense of a new deal; the sadness because this crisis absorbs all energies but things change and President Obama, A Man Who Loves Arts, Litterature, Philosophy will unfold the wings soon: He can became a new Lawrence the Magnificent; when He’ll came to Italy for G8 He’ll see how much italians -despate bananas republic we are become- appreciate Him.

There’s an issue I care very much: freedom; in other words self-determination, intellectual honesty, no abuse of authority; from which comes my criticism towards “war on drug”; the only correct term is “on”: war is an horrible term and drug too, it’s like “devil”; drug don’t exists, there are substances perhaps dangerous for health, but governments sell killer substances and they write it: on every packet of cigarettes I can read -smoke kills-; weapons are not prohibited, they are ordered; more: maybe possible states go to world war against their citizens to save health of them?… I really hope President Obama reverse the line and say stop to this ridicolous uncorrect war (to say nothing about billions by taxes)

Thank You Very Much for Attention

Massimo Battisti

M***, close to Rome, Italy; 3/8/2